Floating Wind Challenge

OffshoreWind4Kids is hosting the global Floating Wind Challenge. A challenge to stimulate young engineers to design and build the best floating wind support structure.


The first edition was organised in the academic year of 2021/2022 and the final competition was held on 13 May 2022. 10 groups from around the world (Europe, UAE and US) participated in the challenge of which 6 made a prototype that was tested at the Atlantic Basin of Deltares.


Follow the links below for the organisational details or pre-registration for the next edition.


OffshoreWind4Kids is currently raising funding for the organisation of the next Floating Wind Challenge (2022/2023). The funding goes towards:

  • Fabrication and shipping costs for university teams

  • Rental of the wave basin

  • Organisation of the challenge

  • Prize money

Contact offshorewind4kids@gmail for supporting the event.