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Axelle Viré | TUDelft

Join us to build #offshorewind and #floatingwind turbines at the beach of Scheveningen this Saturday. This is the first of 6 demo days that will be organised this summer in Scheveningen. You can subscribe for these demo days at: These events are organised in collaboration with OffshoreWind4Kids and are supported by ABN AMRO Bank N.V. and TU Delft Wind Energy Institute. In addition to these sponsors, it would not be possible without the organising team, Delphine De Tavernier, and the long list of motivated staff and students helping on the days: Viswambher Kambhampati Livia Brandetti Thomas Lokken Guanqun Xu Louis Huang Anand Parinam Clara Menzen Alexander Batchelor Daniel van den Berg Rudolf K. Andre Reinaldo Novgorodcev Junior Mehtab Ahmed khan Shyam VimalKumar Abhratej Sahoo Donatella Zappala' Anastasios Gusha Erik van Diest #Outreach #HolidayWeekend #WindEnergyIsFun #FloatingWind

👉 Check out the original post from Axelle Viré | TUDelft on LinkedIn here

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