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New indoor Wind4Kids program 💙

📣 BIG NEWS! Weather is cold in winter, so we launched our new indoor Wind4Kids program💨⚡️

In the workshops we use our new turbines with built-in display to measure the generated wind power (see picture). Kids are able to play with the pitch angle and can test the effect of different ventilator speeds 💪

Wind4Kids inspires kids about the fundamentals of wind energy, through various experiments 🧪

💨 Wind energy

⚡️ Electrical power

🏗 Solidity

📈 Turbine efficiency

📊 Power curves

The first Wind4Kids workshop was held on 10 January and was supported by Tech Playgrounds, Lego League and the Brunel Foundation.

Interested to know more about the indoor program? Check out the brand new website

👉 Check out the original post here

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