About us

From the very start, OffshoreWind4Kids has gathered a lot of attention from across the world. There have been requests to have similar demo days in other countries and to organise classes for schools. Here we set out our plans for OffshoreWind4Kids and how we aim to spread the project across the world.

The primary goal of OffshoreWind4Kids is to teach kids about engineering, technology and renewable energy. We use a hands on approach where children can play with small scale offshore wind turbines, illustrating various aspects of offshore wind energy. We want to support women in engineering by encouraging girls to use the wind turbine kits and we aim to teach as many girls as boys about offshore wind. Secondary goals are to stimulate innovation and to spread awareness of offshore wind to the general public.

To reach as many children as possible, OffshoreWind4Kids plans to use local hubs. Part of the funding for OffshoreWind4Kids goes into setting up these hubs and buying the required material for organising school events or demo days. Local schools can rent the material from these hubs and hire an instructor if necessary. Our current plan is that universities would serve as hubs for the project and PhD students with relevant expertise can serve as instructors.

Instructors can also organise demo days in their respective countries to reach a broader audience and to spread awareness for offshore wind. These demo days can be organised as stand alone events or as part of larger events with many activities.

To stimulate innovation in offshore wind, OffshoreWind4Kids is launching a floating wind university challenge. Universities from across the world can compete in this challenge and the concepts from different groups will be evaluated by an independent panel at the end of the academic year. You can find details about the university challenge here

To support the various activities of OffshoreWind4Kids, industry partners can contribute to the project financially or in kind. Initially, hubs will be set up in 5 markets: Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany. OffshoreWind4Kids is seeking industry partners to help launch the project in these countries. More information about the funding structure can be found here