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Dive into the fascinating world of renewable energy with the OffshoreWind4Kids card deck! This beautifully designed deck features 52 cards, each showcasing a different wind farm from around the world, plus a rules card to guide you through fun and educational games in a Top Trumps play style.


Crafted with care by the talented designers at Kirt x Thomsen, these cards are not only informative but also visually stunning. Each card provides insights into the unique aspects of various wind farms, helping kids and adults alike learn about the importance and impact of wind energy.


Whether you’re a teacher looking for an engaging classroom activity, a parent wanting to inspire your child, or simply a renewable energy enthusiast, the OffshoreWind4Kids card deck is a perfect choice. Explore, learn, and play your way to a greener future with these fun and educational cards.


Key Features:

  • 52 cards featuring different wind farms worldwide
  • Designed with care by Kirt x Thomsen
  • Top Trumps play style for fun and competitive learning
  • Includes a rules card for guidance
  • Perfect for kids, families, and educators
  • Promotes learning about renewable energy and sustainability

OffshoreWind4Kids card deck

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Expected to ship at the end of June