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Time to reflect on our 2023 achievements🎇

The end of the year is approaching, and we wanted to take this opportunity to assess where we are in our journey and celebrate our results!


• We have signed two important Power Purchase Agreements, one with Amazon and the other with Merck Group

• We took part in the The European House-Ambrosetti’s Floating Offshore Wind Community initiative, in partnership with BlueFloat EnergyFINCANTIERI and Acciaierie d'Italia

• We attended the international exhibition KEY - The Energy Transition Expo in Rimini.

• We relocated our operational headquarters from Sesto San Giovanni to Milan.

🌱 Our impact 

• We were awarded five stars from GRESB, the environmental, social and governance (ESG) benchmark that measures companies’ ESG performance. 

• We launched a call for projects to support the communities living around our wind farms to address the challenges associated with climate change.

• We hosted our annual Sustainable Communities Forum in Inverness. This is always a great opportunity for our community representatives to learn from each other and share their experience and best practices.

• We issued our fifth sustainability report, describing our concrete commitment to creating shared value for all of our stakeholders.

• We launched a new low-carbon website, focused on digital sustainability.

• We launched three crowdfunding campaigns to support the construction of our Italian agrivoltaic plants in Terzo di Aquileia, Manzano, and Galatone.

• This year we had the opportunity to meet many young people, starting with the pupils we educated on sustainability and renewables with the OffshoreWind4Kids project and Legambiente’s “A scuola con energia!” educational programme. 

• A group of students visited our wind farm in Petralia Sottana, Sicily, and we showed them how a wind turbine works. 

• Our HR colleagues attended many job placement and recruitment events at universities, introducing students to our wonderful industry. 

• We launched a Student Support Scheme in Spain, France, Norway, Sweden and the UK, with the aim of helping students or technicians working towards a qualification in energy and renewables in the local areas where we operate.

🎉Time together

We always try to find time to connect with each other: from our summer drinks to our Winter party, as well as holding our very-own Olympic games. On top of that, our colleagues joined together to devote some of their time and energy to volunteering during our Social Energy Days.

It is impossible to sum everything up in one post, but we are beyond grateful for every step we were able to take towards creating a better future for our planet. We’re looking forward to another great year together! 

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