School workshops

OffshoreWind4Kids launches school workshops to teach children about offshore wind at school.


The school workshops are 1h / 2h sessions where groups of school kids (age 8 to 15) learn about offshore wind energy. They first get an introduction to offshore wind. Afterwards, they build a turbine in groups of approx. 4 and get to try out different support structures to build them at sea, both fixed on the seabed and floating on the sea.


To build your own offshore wind turbine, you need access to wind/water/sand and ideally a combination of all three. The school workshops can therefore be organised in different ways:

  • As part of a school beach trip

  • Close to the school at a lake, pond or a swimming pool


OffshoreWind4Kids currently uses the following cost breakdown:

  • 120€/2h class session (up to 3 in one day)

  • 120€ for setting up and packing up

  • 0.35€/km for transport

Example: for the organisation of 3 class sessions at the beach (3 x 25 kids) in one day including transport from Brussels to Oostende, this would cost: 3 classes x 120€/class + 120€ + 240km x 0.35€ = 564€. The cost is then 7.52€/kid.

Alternatively, schools can rent equipment from one of the hubs that support this at 100€/day, with a deposit of 200€. The equipment consists of 10 turbines and 10 support structures. Instructions on how to use the equipment will be provided.

Contact offshorewind4kids@gmail for more information.