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🧑‍🏫 1st OffshoreWind4Kids session …. for adults! 🙌

Last week RWE invited us to hashtag#Malmö to run an OffshoreWind4Kids session … for adults! 🇸🇪 We included some more technical aspects in the presentation and ran a fun & interesting teambuilding activity 💪 

Here’s what people said 💬 “That was so interesting” “You should give these workshops at the technical university as well”

We therefore now offer Offshore Wind Workshops for students/professionals as part of a teambuilding event or technical workshop 👩‍🏫

🔍 What will you discover?

⏵ Technical overview of offshore wind support structures 🌊

⏵ Work in teams to build your own wind turbine and generate power💨⚡️

⏵ Perform stability calculations for your fixed / floating structure 🧮

⏵ Install your wind turbine offshore ⛴️

👉 If you want to organise a similar session, please get in touch 📧

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