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🎉🌊 3 Years of OffshoreWind4Kids 🌍🎈

Exactly 3 years ago, at the beach of hashtag#Oostende 🇧🇪 we organised the very first OffshoreWind4Kids demo day supported by a buymeacoffee campaign ☕️🙏 What started as a hobby project has now touched shores across 20+ countries and 5 continents!

⏵ 2021: 600+ kids reached

⏵ 2022: 2000+ kids reached

⏵ 2023: 7000+ kids reached

👫💡 To our ever-expanding family of industry partners, educators and volunteers - thank you for believing in a greener future and for making OffshoreWind4Kids a global phenomenon.

As we celebrate this milestone, let’s reminisce about our humble beginnings, celebrate our achievements, and look forward to spreading even more renewable energy education across the globe. 🌿🌏 Here's to more wind in our sails as we continue this incredible journey! 🛳️💨

📸 Pictures from our most recent trip to New Zealand with Parkwind 🇳🇿🌿

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