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Updated: Nov 9, 2022

We have no words to describe this week! Last Friday, we had an amazing event and then head out to WindEnergy Hamburg 2022. Endiprev partnered up with OffshoreWind4Kids and hosted the 1st ever initiative in Portugal. 44 children learn about renewable and wind energy and sustainability while they had fun building their wind turbines and offshore foundations and seeing them actually work. It's incredible to see the children's curiosity and imagination in something so important. Who knows, some of them might even grow up to work in this industry someday. Now, let's tackle the last day of this week's event. You can still meet our team at booth B5-407. #endiprev #windenergy #offshorewind4kids #windenergyhamburg2022 WindEurope

👉 Check out the original post from ENDIPREV on LinkedIn here

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